Thursday, 29 December 2011

Photo Blocks

Regardless of the design my blocks are £3 each for the 1st 5 and then £2 per additional block + p&p and they measure 2ins x 2ins

I have recently done a few sets of Photo Blocks.

This 1st set is in Sepia and are of my daughter and her boyfriend. I did them as a smalll gift for them and was the first attempt at filling in the letters with their photo images.

These black and white sets are of two sets of brothers, their nanny commisioned them as a present for their parents.

I added their parents to a couple of blocks

....and I also added their names onto an individual photo of each

The Next set was commisioned by a young girls mother as a present from her daughter to her best friend *Holly*

These photos show them at their nativities...fancy dress and Brownies etc...lovely memories

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Decoupaged Blocks

Decoupaged Blocks can be decorated any way you wish, 
just give me an idea of the images you require and if any specific ones are wanted, or even photos, these can be emailed to me to resize etc and use.

SOLD .....*Home set 1*.....SOLD

These block sets are ones that have been commisioned.
They are 44mm square each and have been aged and distressed to look well worn.

This first set needed to contain Pink...florals...UJs...& Script

SOLD....These are now *£3* per block + p&p ....SOLD


SOLD .....*Home set 2*.....SOLD

Another set that was commisioned stipulated only that the customer liked red and flags

SOLD.....*£8* + p&p.....SOLD


SOLD......*Business blocks*.....SOLD

This next set was commisioned by a crafter who sews...crochets..& knits beautifully,
and wanted her company name used on the blocks and photographs of her products on the other sides of the blocks

SOLD....This set was £20 + p&p....SOLD

Friday, 16 September 2011

Chicken key plaque..

.....*Key plaque*.....

This is a handpainted key plaque painted in grey and showing a family of chickens.

It has been sanded back and the word ''Keys'' painted on.

with 4 hooks for keys at the base.

The dimensions are 20 x 24 cms

*£12.00* + P&P

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall........or dressing table..

    ........*Nautical Mirror*........

This hand painted mirror is decorated with a nautical scene of Seagulls a boat and a lighthouse...
It measures 18 cms square and is finished off with natural string to hang

*£10.50* plus p&p

*10.50* plus p&p

SOLD........*Heart Mirror*........SOLD

This is a pretty blue hand painted heart mirror decorated with red/pink patterned ♥s
It has 5 useful hooks along the bottom which could be used for necklaces ...keys ...or simply to hang a scented heart on.
The measurements are 30x14 cms

*15.00* plus p&p

SOLD......*15.00* plus p&p.....SOLD

.......*Dressing table hand mirror*.......

Hand painted in cream and decorated with a faint script which is overpainted with rosebuds on the back and with a single rosebud on the front of the handle.
This mirror is 30cms in length.....and would look lovely adorning any dressing table.

*£12.50* plus p&p

*12.50* plus p&p