Thursday, 29 December 2011

Photo Blocks

Regardless of the design my blocks are £3 each for the 1st 5 and then £2 per additional block + p&p and they measure 2ins x 2ins

I have recently done a few sets of Photo Blocks.

This 1st set is in Sepia and are of my daughter and her boyfriend. I did them as a smalll gift for them and was the first attempt at filling in the letters with their photo images.

These black and white sets are of two sets of brothers, their nanny commisioned them as a present for their parents.

I added their parents to a couple of blocks

....and I also added their names onto an individual photo of each

The Next set was commisioned by a young girls mother as a present from her daughter to her best friend *Holly*

These photos show them at their nativities...fancy dress and Brownies etc...lovely memories


Highland Monkey's said...

These blocks are soooo gorgeous and are the best around that I have seen. Brilliant.

she3655 said...

Wow I love your block, they look Stunning...xx I'm having trouble with blogger today, so cant follow you at the mo, but as soon as I'm up and running, I will be a follower xx